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Olivier Anh

Developpeur Web

With the end of University in 1998, I have planned several steps for my job career. The first was developing specifically for the web as a regular job thus becoming web developper. This is my main skills, where I learn to develop sites using HTML, PHP (OO), Javascript, CSS, PERL, ASP, MySQL, Access.

Challenging projects include topics outside my competences. It needs me to learn new skills and adapt them to my own luggage.

Gestionnaire de l'information

In 1997, I attended the Information retrieval course at the University Bordeaux III (a special 2-year-ong condensed year). It revealed to myself that information is everywhere and my hunger for it was very strong without having the tools to manage. Following the necessary courses, I learned to gather, condense datas and build files on any specific themes. Surprisingly it "matches" with the arrival of the web. Web I already had a taste during my year at the TH Darmstadt, Germany).


I really started photography when I bought a first SLR, a Minolta Dynax 5xi with 2 lenses, a 35-70mm and a 100-300mm, back in 1993. My main subjects were landscapes, macro and baseball matches.

October 2006 was the time to update my camera with a DSLR, a Canon 400D. My subjects didn't changed much, except that I switched from baseball to inline hockey. Today's challenge is mastering blur (mainly motion blur) for creativiy and angled shots.

Pictures are announced my project site podmiel.info in the Photo of the day category. Pictures are hosted on Flickr.


On 2 January 2005, I started an audio podast about soundscape. The goal is to make one travel to another place and discover only with sound the place I'm walking in. Historic facts and local details are often added and helps to better picture the place. Imagination is a nice way to travel than seeing it through a video.

Podcasts are announced on my project site podmiel.info in the Carte postale de... category. Audio are self hosted. Video are hosted on Youtube and Vimeo

In 2009 I added videos support, mostly for the inline 'Skater' hockey matches I'm following. I had a JVC Everio video camera which got broken by a hockey ball. I switched to an iphone 4, which makes awesome video considering the device.

Technically, audio podcasts were first edited in Audacity on an Ubuntu linux computer. Today, audio files are edited with Garageband. Videos from the JVC camera were edited with iMovie, the ones from the iPhone are edited with Final Cut.